Joanne Buxton ACA
Joanne Buxton ACAAudit and Accounts Manager

What’s your background?

I grew up in the East Devon area, attending Honiton Community College then moving to Exeter College for my A Levels – Maths, Psychology and Biology, with Chemistry A/S.

Did you always want to be an accountant?

Funnily enough, I was planning to become a midwife! But I realised it was not for me. I had a think and realised I really enjoyed maths and working with numbers, and that accounting was a career with a future.

What was your career path?

I went to Plymouth University and got a first in Accounting and Finance. After that, I joined a large corporate firm. I moved offices three times, and I felt there wasn’t a clear career path for me there, so when Griffin offered me a position, I was really pleased to join the company. That was in May 2017. It was a little scary to move to such a young company, but the opportunities were there from the start.

What is your role now?

I was promoted to manager in January 2018 – first at the Honiton office, then the new office just outside Exeter. I have the full support of Misty – she splits her time between the two
offices and if I have any questions about my work, she is always available. As part of my promotion, I went to London for a Manager’s Training Course, where I learnt skills in communicating with staff and methods of overcoming challenging behaviour. It included a one-to-one session where I had to deal with an awkward staff member. In the office, I’m an approachable person and I’m happy for any of my team to ask for my help and advice.

What does your own work involve?

As a manager, I need to keep track of junior staff and my own work is now more of a reviewing role. I’m doing some audits but less accounts preparation. I have a portfolio of clients and I’m building up my own


relationships with them. My ongoing CPD covers audit and accounting updates, tax updates and other training, such as a presentation course to develop skills in presenting to academy school clients. I really enjoy the academy work, as it goes on throughout the years and covers many elements such as teachers’ pensions, internal audits and AAR. I also like working with charities such as Exeter Leukemia Fund.

What is it that you particularly appreciate about working at Griffin?

Griffin has a smaller team which is very tight-knit – everyone is supportive and we interact well. It’s a very sociable company, but efficient at the same time. The business model works well – we have a brand new trainee, a more experienced trainee and another with several years’ experience – and they help each other. My salary is very competitive and I’m pleased to have a company car, my prized Mercedes.

Would you recommend working at Griffin?

The best way to answer is to say I now actually like getting up in the morning to come to work! Griffin has a fresh approach to accounting; some more established companies are still using
traditional processes, but at Griffin everything is cloud-based which really improves efficiency. The business is growing and we’re winning new clients all the time. It’s great to be part of Griffin right now, as the company expands and develops.

What do you get up to outside of work?

I’m a keen runner – I’m a member of Honiton Running Club and I run three or four times a week. In 2018 I ran the London Marathon raising funds for Exeter Leukemia Fund, and next up, I’m running in the ‘Women Can’ Marathon. I have a young cocker spaniel who I’ve just started taking running with me.

Correct as of January 2019