Charity Audit

What is an audit and do you need one?

An audit is the scrutiny of accounts by a registered auditor, who will apply auditing standards issued by the Auditing Practices Board. The purpose is to help maintain public confidence in the work of charities, so they feel comfortable supporting those organisations. Your charity must have an audit if:

  • it has income of more than £1 million, or
  • it has assets of £3.26m and income of more than £250,000

Below these thresholds, your charity can opt for an independent examination instead.

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“Griffin Chartered Accountants really know how to address every aspect of charity accounts, offering a service that works alongside the organisation.

The economic picture explained by Griffin, in a non-financial manner, allowed Trustees to have a greater involvement in understanding the accounts and thus gave peace of mind and a sense of security over financial governance.

Without their support and advice, we wouldn’t have been able to develop internal processes to create huge efficiency savings.”

Mags Naylor, CEO, Exeter Leukaemia Fund

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