Social Enterprise Accountants

The Social Enterprise movement stands to have a hugely positive impact on the way that business is conducted. Of course, Social Enterprise is nothing new, people have been using trading income to fund social and charitable causes for years. However, what is different is the widespread publicity that Social Enterprise is receiving, and this is encouraging even profit hungry businesses to behave more socially and ethically.

Accountancy services for Social Enterprises:

A depth of Social Enterprise and Charity experience

Almost 50% of our clients are from the not-for profit sector, giving us fantastic insight to help others

A wealth of expertise

Misty Nickells FCA
Misty Nickells FCAPartner
Misty has worked with Social Enterprises and charities throughout his career and advised on everything from initial setup, to establishing financial controls, annual accounts and mergers and acquisitions.

Social Enterprise Structures

The first thing to point out with Social Enterprises, is that it is not a legal structure like a limited company or a charity. Instead, a wide range of business structures can become social enterprises, and it is much more about how business is done and how the profits are used. The most common structures are Community Interest Companies (CICs), which are a special type of company introduced in 2005 specifically for Social Enterprises and Companies Limited by Guarantee. If you wanted to fined out more about Social Enterprise structures, please check out our article here or get in touch. 

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