Congratulations to Devon Businesses!

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has announced the list of winners of the Queen’s award which recognises businesses for their contribution to enterprise. Three Devon businesses, Sub10 Systems Ltd, Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd and Clinton Devon Estates were all successful in picking up awards. Sub10 Systems and Fraser Anti-Static Techniques were both recognised under the international trade category whilst Clinton Devon Estates received an aware for Sustainable Development.

The Winners:

Sub10 systems, based in Newton Abbot, provide advanced systems for the delivery of broadband using wireless frequencies. As well as selling to major international businesses such as Vodaphone, the company has managed to gain superb traction in the export market, with a growth rate of 290% in just three years!

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques manufacture high voltage electrostatic equipment that is utilised in the packaging and other industries. The company, based in Tiverton and founded in 1997 has been recognised for its sustained growth rate in the export market of over 320% in the past 6 years.

Clinton Devon Estates, have been recognised for their superb contribution to sustainable development. Through its Smart Growth programme in the past 4 years it has been able to reduce waste and cut down on energy consumption all while generating over £2m for charitable causes.

Congratulations to the winners!