CIC to Charity conversion

Are you a CIC thinking of converting to a Charity? Here’s what you need to know… In September, the government finally brought in long-awaited legislation making it possible for a community interest company (CIC) to convert to a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO). Becoming a charity is only really appropriate if you’re [...]

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Social Enterprise Structures

Setting up a Social Enterprise - which legal structure should you choose? When setting up a Social Enterprise, you can choose from a number of different legal structures. Your choice will have an impact on the amount of tax you pay, and any grants or investment opportunities. There are several [...]

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Charity Commission Cracking Down

Charity Commission Cracking Down The Charity Commission is following through on its threat to crack down on trustees that fail to submit their charity’s accounts on time. The regulator issued its first official warning to a charity this July, and has since opened investigations into other organisations.   “I don’t [...]

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What is a Social Enterprise?

What is a Social Enterprise? ‘Social Enterprise’ has become a fashionable concept, with many businesses proudly proclaiming their credentials. But, do businesses really understand what a Social Enterprise is and how to become one? There are a number of misconceptions about the term and what it means. What is a [...]

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What you need to know about the Charities Act 2016

What you need to know about the Charities Act 2016 The Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 is bringing some pretty significant new laws into play for the charity sector. But what’s changing? And when? When did the Charities Act 2016 come into force? As is often the case, the answer [...]

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Choosing the right charity trustees

Choosing the right charity trustees Choosing the right trustees for your charity According to the Charity Commission, public trust in charities has fallen over the last year. While much of the work to regain trust will be in the form of clear, honest communications, effective management is also key. Choosing the right [...]

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My dog ate my charity’s accounts?

My dog ate my charity's accounts? A recent report made by the Charity Commission suggests that not all charities are submitting their accounts, with thousands in default. When the commissioners looked into this further they found that 32 percent of accounts submitted were of ‘unacceptable quality’. To try and combat this, the Commission launched [...]

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